Vietnamese voters in Northern Virginia is voting in a unique way. From reading a lot of polls, most Vietnamese claimed to be Republican voters. That might be true on their registration/voting card in Virginia too. Since Time Kaine elected at Virginia governor, thing were turning around to Democratic party with luck, strategy to go after young Vietnamese voters generation, having Vietnamese working on translation documents, and debating with Vietnamese on Republican party during U.S. election 2008. First, lucky is on Democratic party side on last 8 years. Weather is a major issue with Virginia governor races. Jim Webb was grabbing most Vietnamese voters in Virginia senator race because his wife is Vietnamese and his participation in most Vietnamese veteran events in Northern Virginia. Obama was on the roll again because of economic issue in the last minutes of U.S. election 2008. From asking Vietnamese if they will go to vote on election day of Virginia governor race on last weekend before election day, the results were in favor of Bob McDonnell. For Vietnamese that are not going to the poll, they were voting for Barack Obama in U.S. election 2008 and/or Tim Kaine was not on the ballot this year. I didn’t collect name or asking if you are registering with Republican party or Democratic party.

Congressman Joseph Cao with Bob McDonnel (Courtesy of Bob McDonnell campaign)

The road to Richmond will be decide today on U.S. election 2009. Could Joseph Cao last minutes stop to campaign for Bob McDonnell (three times in Eden Center) bring Vietnamese voters back to Republican party or stop the gain of Vietnamese voters by the Democratic party in Northern Virginia? If you want to read more information about this election race in Vietnamese language then I collected most links in below site. If you can submit our poll in Northern Virginia before or after election 2009 then I would be appreciate. It will be use as an unscientific method to measure the voters. Other selected race in New York, New Jersey, California, etc. with headline news and/or information in Vietnamese and/or English.]]>

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