It’s my first writing in 2010. Happy New Year 2010. I just updated website for a few days. There are a lot of Vietnamese American candidates in 2010. It’s probably “Yes, we can” attitude from Barack Obama being the first black president in United States. Another Christmas gift to another Vietnamese American candidate is Al Hoang. According to his writing send through Vietnamese forums, he targeted by The Houston Chronicle after winning election because The Houston Chronicle’s endorse candidate choice was lost. Well, what do you expect in the political world? It’s not a friendly world. However, by reading what his response from Vietnamese forums and The Houston Chronicle following article which is proved Al Hoang “clear by 2 serious charges” and only working on 1 charges (Al Hoang claimed that he did not know the rule of reporting the dates of donations and occupations of donors who gave more than $500 in a reporting period. You can read the English article on The Houston Chronicle newspaper website. Councilman-elect’s homestead exemption valid Now, Al Hoang attacked by his critics again of being hate against gays and lesbians. Critics: Councilman Al Hoang purports hate Despite all the attacks above, he swore in as a councilman of Houston City in the morning of January 4, 2010. It’s also the “Year of the Tiger” on February 6, 2010. I wish you have better luck in the coming year than 2009. It will be more battle in politics because everybody want to be king of the jungle.]]>

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