From review the picture of Martha Coakley campaigned in Dochester which is the heart of Vietnamese community in Boston. Vietnamese American population are located in a lot close race such as 37th District in Virginia special election last Tuesday, January 12, 2010 which decided by more than 1% of the votes or 317 votes. Martha Coakley was thinking of pressing easy cruise control button in deep blue state with Kennedy name around the state. It was the familiar of Republican story in Maryland. Ehrlich won governor race in Maryland 2002 because Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was thinking of related to Kennedy family and blue state for Democrat party. Welcome to the new year 2010, you could not ride on the past of somebody fame and fortune for your personal gain or your fame. Martha Coakley went to Washington to ask the Democratic party for bailout packages: helping in funding the campaign and campaigning with her in last minutes. In additional, Joseph L. Kenedy from Libertarian party with a same last name Kennedy but he is unrelated to other Kennedy family. Pollsters think Joseph Kenedy will hurt Scott Brown. However, Marth Coakley is not safe either because Kennedy name is on the ballot. What happen if Democratic voters will vote for Kennedy from the Democratic voters instead of voting for her or Scott Brown. In the year 2009, Republican won both governor seats in Virginia and New Jersey. They lost congressional race in New York because Republican candidate was quitting the battle in last minutes and asking Republican voters to supporting Libertarian but the strategy was not working and crashing the Republican morale in New York state. However, the Democratic party won the 37th District seat in special election which vacated by Ken Cuccinelli with more than 1 percent of the vote. Democrat David W. Marsden won with door to door campaign and more absentee ballots than Republican candidate Stephen M. “Steve” Hunt. It’s probably the close battle but it is the Republican party mistake of thinking easy cruise control because of landslide victories in 2009. Hey, it’s the year of tiger. Tiger is the ruler of the jungle. It’s the same in politic. You need to work or to fight to keep your territory. It’s not passing down kingdom because you will get defeat by other if you are sleeping because you are not strong.]]>

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