I ran into a video clip (little one in Vietnamese language) on SBTN.net. A local Vietnamese reporter for SBTN in Boston stood at a voting station to coverage the special election. Here is a link: http://sbtn.net/default.aspx?LangID=38&tabId=192&ArticleID=46212 Summarize of the coverage: 2 Vietnamese voters were interviewed. 1 vote for Scott Brown and 1 vote for Martha Coakley. The one that vote for Martha Coakley because her platform stand for the poor. The reporter tried to interview non-Vietnamese but they voted for Martha Coakley. The reporter told the result of voters around 11 pm from the TV that Scott Brown was winning. The other impression before the race that the leader of Vietnamese community of Mass put an announcement to ask Vietnamese voters to vote on special election on January 19, 2010. M?i ?i B?u Th??ng Ngh? S? Liên Bang cho Massachusetts http://nguoivietboston.com/?p=20297 From other popular online newspaper such as Vietbao.com and Nguoi-Viet.com posted the results and opinion/view about the race. Well, that’s about my writing because I didn’t cover a lot of information on either this blog site or vietvoters.info. ]]>

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