According to the O.C. register blogging beta site below, Quang Pham released fundraising numbers before the requirement Federal Election Commission campaign reports at the end of January 2010: From the above article, the money number of fundraising and cash on hand of Van Tran by September 2009 and Loretta Sanchez by third quarter of 2009 are old numbers. The news articles claimed that Van Tran and Loretta Sanchez didn’t release the final number for 2009. From the new decision of Supreme Court, it will be favor by Quang Pham because of his business connections to channel more funding into the race. Van Tran looked like the weak candidate in term of fundraising or supporting by Vietnamese groups affiliated with human rights for Vietnam. However, he will be a danger candidate because he got support/endorse from Republican party with a lot of advocacy groups such as political action committees, 527 groups, and 501(c) groups. The campaign spending rules are also in Van Tran favor. You couldn’t count him out yet on Vietnamese American voters support. That is counted the most because he knew how to work with advocacy groups such as founding LAVAS to support Vietnamese Americans refugees during boat people periods. I’m pretty sure that Vietnamese American voters will support him no matter what other say to pay off the deeds. In addition, fundraising, supporting, and endorsement in the past from Van Tran for John McCain, California Governor, and other Republican party members will help him during the battle with Van Pham. Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez is surely supporting by Vietnamese groups affiliated with human rights for Vietnam over Van Tran. However, they could not make any big ground force in Orange County for Loretta Sanchez. The report from human rights for Vietnam are getting worst from day by day. There are no favor news for the Democratic party since Barack Obama taking office excepting those announcements they are working in closed door with Vietnam government. ]]>

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