By looking at pictures of the parade of Little Saigon in Orange County from friends and Vietnamese forums, Vietnamese American voters suddenly became important for anyone such as Loretta Sanchez, Van Tran, Quang Pham, Phu Nguyen, Joe Vinh Do, Long Pham, etc. Loretta Sanchez seat is no longer secure according to one Orange County politcal blog site which is favored Quang Pham. Quang Pham also got endorse from Duncan Hunter congressman. 02/12/10: “Assuming Mr. Pham and Mr. Tran do not brutalize each other too much in the primary, the pundits might finally get their wish: no more Loretta Sanchez.”, from Editorial: Last term for Loretta Sanchez? by The O.C. Register
She could be boot out by Vietnamese American or Republican voters. Loretta Sanchez could not count on Human Rights Bills for Vietnam because those bills will die in Senate after one year if didn’t get to introduce in Senate … unless Democratic party try to helping her by John Kerry and Jim Webb to push … at least one of human rights bills for Vietnam. If it didn’t happen then Loretta Sanchez could be on life support which Barack Obama couldn’t help her much like 2009 Virginia governor race, 2009 New Jersey governor race, or 2010 senator race in Mass. Loretta Sanchez got a lot of money in this year election but she couldn’t buy voters. According to one Vietnamese article of BPSOS by Dr. Thang Nguyen, Loretta Sanchez didn’t bring a penny into Vietnamese community in Orange County when comparing with Van Tran or Vietnamese American in USA when comparing with Joseph Cao. Van Tran worked hard on introduce big name staffs in his camp last week, fundraising events in new year, and starting show up on campaign trails. It doesn’t matter if Van Tran or Quang Pham in the Republican primary. However, if they learn how Van Hollen beated Connie Morella in the 8th District of Maryland then they will have big chance .


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