Just like Clint Eastwood movie, the Republican Primary for Congress in the 47th Congressional District have 3 Vietnamese American candidates. At the moment, Quang Pham is looking like the “good guy” because of inexperience in politic. Tan Nguyen tried again after losing to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for in 2006. Because of the incident in 2006 campaign by sending out intimidating letters by his campaign to Latino voters and going on Federal investigations, Tan Nguyen is “ugly guy” to the Democratic party and Latino voters but Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez wishes to choose against him rather than against Quang Pham or Van Tran. Van Tran lately becomes the “bad guy” because of accusing by Quang Pham on cheating to win a California Republican Assembly endorsement and the article of Brian Joseph (the OC Register’s Sacramento reporter) who wrote an article (“How lawmakers turned a perk into profit”) by using Van Tran name instead of other lawmakers in California. You need to wait to find out which candidate that O.C. Register will endorse in November 2010. If you are comparing Van Tran perk with the perk from Congressmen/Congresswomen in the Capitol Hill then it’s a joke. If you are running for political seat then you could not get away from people try to get you down. Hey, it’s the Year of Tiger and the battles will be big. The winner will take it all. It will be not nice this year political world.


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