I still waited to see all the official announcement from the candidates after reading English blogs in February. However, there are something going on with a group that called Viet Voters. According to the press from Vietnam Daily, there is only a candidate (Michael Duong) will be at the forum which claimed to be open forum for Vietnamese voters to find out about candidates in District 7. However, Madison Nguyen did not get invite. Patrick Phu Le refused to participate because of Vice President of Viet Voters group only spoke good things about Minh Duong. According to the newspaper, if Michael Tran did not participate then it is really an endorsement party for Michael Duong. Staying tune for the drama because the advertise invite the public but the press won’t be sure to permit recording to take pictures or video the forums like previous one and the meeting place “Evergreen” is not within District 7 boundary. Sau 2 l?n ng?n c?n báo chí, L?CT l?i t? ch?c h?i th?o http://www.vietnamdaily.com/index.php?c=article&p=61124 District 7 Council Candidate: Carpetbagger? http://www.sanjoseinside.com/sji/blog/entries/district_7_council_candidate_carpetbagger/ Little Saigon Inside: Five Candidates Vying for District 7 City Council Seat http://littlesaigoninside.blogspot.com/2010/02/four-candidates-for-city-council.html


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