Joseph Dovinh got attention lately because of his support to McCain, friend of Van Tran, name calling, job description, etc… However, Joseph Dovinh was registered as a Democrat and running against Phu Nguyen in the Democratic primary for the rights in November election to replace Van Tran in 68th Assemble District of Orange County, California. 03/13/10: ?ng Viên Dân Bi?u ?? Vinh: ?u Tiên Nhà Cho Dân Nghèo
03/03/10: “Joseph Dovinh’s entry into the Democratic primary for the 68th Assembly District is attracting scrutiny from fellow Democrats suspicious of the Westminster candidate’s credentials”, from Assembly candidate’s party loyalty questioned BLOG
03/01/10: The Van “Trannies” in Democrats Clothing – “Doh!”-vinh 02/16/10: Nhà báo Ð? Vinh tranh c? gh? H? Vi?n California


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