Excerpt from Vietnamese newspapers & online: Tan Nguyen talk about promising of building a community center, creating jobs, and training etc. if he got elect at Viet Herald’s newspaper meeting room. ?ng c? viên Tân Nguy?n nói chuy?n Trung tâm sinh ho?t http://www.nguoi-viet.com/absolutenm/anmviewer.asp?a=112918&z=3 ?ng Viên Tân Nguy?n H?p Báo H?a T?o Vi?c Làm, D?y Ngh? http://www.vietbao.com/?ppid=45&pid=5&nid=159201 Joe Dovinh’s press event at Le Van Duyet office on Brookurst in Seafood World restaurant shopping area. Sinh Ho?t C?ng ??ng http://www.vietbao.com/?ppid=45&pid=5&nid=159116 UCV JOE DOVINH RA MAT ?ng C? Viên Dân Bi?u Ti?u Bang ??a h?t 68 s? có bu?i g?p g? truy?n thông báo chí. Lúc 1 PM, Th? 7, ngày 15-5-2010, t?i Tr? S? Lê V?n Duy?t, trên ???ng Brookhurst (trong khu nhà hàng Seafood World). LL Võ Hi?n Nhân (714) 251-3110. FundraisingBanquet for Hoan Dang Dang scheduled for Sunday May 16th @ 6pm in Falls Church, VA. http://hoandang.com/events.htm According to newspapers and friend’s Facebook, the name of restaurant is Fortune for Hoan Dang’s fundraising banquet. Have a nice weekend,]]>

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