Well, 80-20 Pac make a bold move to support President Obama in 2010 election by asking its members to support Democrat candidates with an exception of some Republican candidates but not automatic support Asian American candidates. It seems to be fair with 80% and 20% balance. I don’t thing we need to endorse yet on primary election in California. Since 2 Vietnamese American candidates in Texas won in special election because of tea party movement or Republican party members’ endorsement in local race. One Vietnamese American candidate won with register and bring up the Vietnamese voters to the poll plus tea party support. Another Vietnamese American candidate won without a lot of support of Vietnamese American voters but with some local endorsement from Republican party’s members. Upcoming primary election in California, Vietnamese American should pick their Vietnamese American candidates or Asian American candidates because it’s a chance of anti incumbents and influx by rank-and-file activists. There is another example of getting burn to switch party for short term gain like Senator Arlen Specter because of money or hold on to power. First, you should go to vote. Second, voting and/or supporting for Vietnamese American candidates if you can. If not then voting and/or supporting for Asian American candidates. You can ask those Vietnamese Americans/Asian Americans candidates to work on Vietnamese Americans/Asian Americans issue later. I don’t think that they will ignore your requests if it is reasonable and within their political power. Otherwise if two previous case don’t apply in your local ballots, you should side with 80-20 Pac in primary election. I try to updated voters/candidates information on old website: vietvoters.info Enclosed is 80-20 email about Election 2010 and Asian Americans. ———————————————————— From: 80-20PACPresident Election 2010 & Asian Ameericans We need GROUP political clout to secure our rights! Every election is an opportunity to enlarge our clout. I) National Election President Obama has been sincere in fulfilling his promises to us, we therefore must help him back in the 2010 election. Otherwise, no political party will EVER help Asian Ams. again. Politics is pragmatic! Therefore, 80-20 Initiative has formally resolved that: “80-20 shall support Democratice candidates in the 2010 Congressional races, except for those election districts whose Republican candidates** have strongly supported Asian American ?concerns.” II) Noteworthy Elections Involving Asian Americans 80-20 does NOT support candidates simply because they are Asian Ams. Some Asian Am. politicians only want our money and votes but are NOT willing to share our concerns. On the other hand, for those political leaders who’ve helped us a lot, we help back a lot. Today, we focus on Ted Lieu, a leading candidate for California Attorney General, & an 80-20 Life Member. 1) Ted Lieu is an Assembly member of CA and Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves. Ted will be the first Asian Pacific Islander elected to the office of Attorney General of any state in US history. He has stood up to powerful interests and authored landmark bills in the areas of mortgage reform, healthcare access, domestic violence prevention, and consumer protection. He has also repeatedly fought for minority communities and the civil rights of all Americans. Based on his outstanding record, strong fundraising, & strong endorsements, Ted has a high potential to win this election with your help. Contributions can be mailed to Ted Lieu for Attorney General 2010, PO Box 1309, Torrance, CA 90505. Donations are also accepted online at http://www.TedLieu.com . 2) Lena Tam, an 80-20 Board member, is running for re-election for Alameda County Council. 3) Garrett Yee, an 80-20 member, is running for California Assembly. Please help them financially or volunteer for them. Join 80-20 by clicking on http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership/payment.asp . Or send a check to 80-20 PAC, P.O. Box 603, Osprey, FL 34229. ? Place your e-address at the back of your check please. We need more members, especially Life Members, whose names are on permanent display on 80-20’s site http://www.80-20initiative.net/about/lifemembers.asp Respectfully yours, S. B. Woo, a volunteer, Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc. ** Our Ad Hoc Non-Partisan Comm., headed by Prof. ?Chenming Hu, sincerely welcomes the application of such Republican ?candidates to be exempt from 80-20’s bloc vote. Prof Hu can be reached via hu@eecs.berkeley.edu.]]>

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