It’s a grass root movement to organize Vietnamese voters in close races in USA. According to Mach Song newspaper in Vietnamese language, the Vietnamese American organized in Haiwaii for supporting Charles Djou in either voting or phone bank. Renewing Democracy Fund founder Dr. Thang Nguyen with Congressman Joseph Cao as an advisor pushed the envolope in Haiwaii after 2 Vietnamese American candidate victories in special election from Texas. Because this is 3 person race with no primary for this special election, this special election is closet race that a Republican could win in Haiwaii because the torn between two Democrat candidates: Colleen Hanabusa and Ed Case with 11 other candidates. The winner will take Neil Abercrombie seat for the rest of the year. September 18 is Haiwaii primary election for general election in November. The Democrat is still hoping not to lose a Congressional race this year. Enclosed is Vietnamese articles in Ti?n Trình Chuy?n Bi?n C?ng ??ng B?t ??u ? Honolulu (05/13/10) ?ng C? Viên Qu?c H?i V?n ??ng C? Tri Vi?t ? Honolulu (05/18/10) ]]>

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