It’s really nothing in the political world … look … ah … just smokes … nothing concrete evidences …. Does it really worth to start a fight? It’s look like Andrew trying to get Long Pham free pess and free support from the youth. From reading these Vietnamese articles in online Vietnamese newspapers, Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California showed their muscles by walking the fine line of a non-profit organization when dealing with politic. They did nothing wrong when they explained to the public. Writing about Phu Nguyen running the assembly seat in their magazine is not an evidence of abusing non-profit organization status when they wrote about other candidates in the past unless the article posted in other Vietnamese newspapers and paying by Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California. About the banners, information, fliers, etc. from the candidates booth in Tet fair, it’s not an evidence unless Phu Nguyen got a free booth without paying for it. Anyone can rent a booth at a tet fair. If Andrew or Long Pham didn’t want to pay for a booth then they can hire or ask their volunteers to distribute their flyers outside the Tet fair. About Phu Nguyen getting invitation to the stage but if Long Pham didn’t get invite, it’s not a crime if it’s not a discussion or debate. They can invite anyone as long as they didn’t publicly endorse a candidate by using their organization name. From Vietnamese articles, he warned VSA of Southern California to be “careful”, “no favor”, or “non bias” because he’s a lawyer, a former prosecuter, and a councilman but he will let these things go without further discussion. Well, Andrew Do should be careful if he is going to endorse Long Pham or running re-election. Their members could support anyone privately as an individual.. You don’t want to create a lot of enemies in short times . You might need their votes or their supports as an individual when you will run again for political seat in the future. Enclosed are online Vietnamese articles. Th? ph?n bác c?a T?ng H?i Sinh Viên Mi?n Nam California v? các l?i phát bi?u thi?u trung th?c c?a Ông Andrew ??, Ngh? Viên Thành Ph? Garden Grove T?ng H?i Sv Mi?n Nam Cali Tr? L?i 1 S? ?i?m Ng? Nh?n T?ng H?i Sinh Viên ?òi Ngh? Viên Andrew Ð? xin l?i V? l?i qua ti?ng l?i gi?a THSV và NV Andrew Ð? k?t thúc êm d?u ]]>

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