FYI, I forwarded this message before Memorial Day weekend for your reading. If you can vote then it’s good to show the support in the primary. However, you can contribute the money or doing volunteer work for the candidates if you registered with other party or not living in California. I’m still trying to updated my old static site: Have a safe holiday weekend ————————————————————- Subject: Boxer, Campbell & Lieu Endorsed In CA Primary From: 80-20PACPresident Election is a time for a small minority like the Asian Ams. to use our bloc vote to secure our rightful interests. 80-20 has repeatedly demonstrated that successful strategy — politics the American way. For the California Primary on June 8th, 80-20 endorses the following: (A) For the Democratic US Senate Primary: Barbara Boxer! She has served our community well, including recommending Asian Am. federal judges to Pres. Obama. (B) For the Democratic Attorney General Primary: Ted Lieu! He is a good public servant for CA and the Asian Am. community. (C) for the Republican US Senate Primary: Tom Campbell ! This is a significant breakthrough for YOU through 80-20. This is the first time that a leading Republican candidate running for a high office has replied to 80-20’s questionnaire. Is the GOP door now open to Asian Ams? Tom Campbell made solid commitments to YOU through his answers to 80-20’s questionnaire Q1: If elected, will you urge the Labor Department to focus on enforcing Executive Order 11246 on behalf of Asian American . . . ? Campbell’s answer: Yes. Q2: If elected, will you vote for the Senate confirmation of Goodwin Liu who has been nominated as an Appeals Court Judge in the 9th Circuit? Yes. Q3: If elected, will you emphasize admitting more highly skilled workers, in any Immigration Reform Bill that arrives before the full Senate? Yes. Q4: If elected, will you work with us, regarding a Hate Crime provision dealing specifically with the kind of violence against Asian Ams. in big cities like San Francisco, Oakland and Philadelphia? Yes To see Campbell’s signed commitments, click on . Q2 and Q4 are important questions — areas where Asian Ams will need bi- partisan support. Campbell, if elected, could cast the 60th vote to confirm Goodwin Liu. JOIN 80-20, it is so effective. It achieves results beyond what most would expect. Go to . Or send your check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229 . Please place your email address at the back of your check. Student dues: $15. Family dues: $50, Life Members: $1,000, and Honorary Family Members: $10,000. Each Life Member will receive a historic “Framed Obama Commitment to Asian Americans.” Visit . Thank you. Respectfully yours, S. B. Woo, Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, ]]>

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