Since there is no contest in Democrat primary for Jerry Brown, there is nothing special to cover until general election. Meg Whitman got no secure in the poll to run away from Steve Poizer from week to week. Since Meg Whitman is former eBay chief executive, she got a lot of money to burn Steve Poizer who was state Insurance Commissioner from gaining any ground in California primary election 2010. Meg Whitman tried to secure Vietnamese voters in Orange county by dialing Supervisor Janet Nguyen. It’s a win win win situation for Meg Whitman and Janet Nguyen. However Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did not getting any S.O.S. calls from Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner yet. Enclose is the invitation in English below on behalf of Supervisor Janet Nguyen (Chair, OC Board of Supervisors) ( in Vietnamese forum. Your invitation to meet Meg Whitman in Westminster – June 1st @ 11:30 am?]]>

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