It’s really like summer heat sizzling in San Jose political campaign. First, Magdalena Carrasco got tag Vietnamese Communist Flag with sending to Vietnamese residents in District 5 by unknown mailer. Then the San Jose Editorial endorsed Madison Nguyen on May 23rd before did a deep coverage news article on the race on May 31st. There are some emails forward to Vietnamese mailings calling not to vote for Minh Duong because of 2 current lawsuits and will be a waist of voting effort but without endorsing anyone. The Vietnamese-American Voters of Northern California (VAV NorCal) will be lost more political ground if Madison Nguyen win again. From their website, Rudy Rodriguez and Minh D??ng are only candidates showing up on meeting the voters on March 11. Enclosed is URL of The San Jose Mercury News articles in English and Viet Herald in Vietnamese. 05/31/10: San Jose council race features echoes of ‘Little Saigon’ brouhaha
05/31/10: B?u c? HÐTP San Jose: Các ?CV g?c Vi?t t? cáo l?n nhau
05/23/10: Editorial: Liccardo, Constant and Nguyen deserve another term ]]>

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