There are no headlines about Van Tran and Long Pham yet. Van Tran was probably busying on bills while his staff poker tournament came to an end. Updated: Assembly staffer busts out after amazing run at poker world series Excerpting from Swing State Project: “CA-47 (R) – Will Tan and Van split the Vietnamese vote, allowing Kathy Smith to sneak through?” It’s possible in statistics but Van Tran will probably collect most Vietnamese votes and will beat everybody else. Since Van Tran was raising the bar in getting professional American campaign staffers while still visible with his Vietnamese campaign staffers while working in Sacramento. I’m really looking forward to Loretta Sanchez and Van Tran match up to see who will get most Vietnamese voters in this general elections. I hadn’t heard anything that Van Tran doing for Steve Poizner yet when reading some other blog about Steve Poizner getting Van Tran’s endorsement. That’s probably why Meg Whitman was showing up in Little Saigon with county Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Garden Grove Councilman Andrew Do. I probably want to see how effective of Van Tran’s phone banks if Steve Poizner win in Orange County. Excerpting from Swing State Project: “AD-68 (D) and (R) – I am really looking forward to an all-Vietnamese matchup here. Will be interesting to gauge the Vietnamese vote if it’s Phu Nguyen (D) vs. Long Pham (R).” Yeah, me too … Well, let’s look at Swing State Project news article on below URL: CA-Primaries: Races to Watch On Memorial holiday weekend, Tan Nguyen articles are on Yeah, you should see it’s coming because Tan Nguyen ran ads on Joseph DoVinh is also on because of saying something about Hoa Phat (Saigon Central Post, Inc.) … indirectly against Phu Nguyen. Enclosed are Vietnamese articles sine Memorial holiday weekend: Công ty Hoa Phát h?p báo: “Chúng tôi không làm kinh tài cho C?ng S?n!” Công ty Hoa Phát h?p báo v? ?CV Joe Ð? Vinh ch?p m? ?CV Tân Nguy?n tham gia tranh lu?n b?u c? ?CV Tân Nguy?n là m?t thách th?c l?n cho bà Loretta Sanchez ]]>

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