There are a lot of news to cover about primary election in 12 states. In California, 80-20 endorsement campaigning for Ted Lieu ( for California Attorney General in Democrat primary) and Tom Campbell (for U.S. Senate in Republican primary) didn’t yield anything. Therefore, I just summarized on Vietnamese candidates in California. Van Tran won Republican primary 2010 for the 47th Congressional District. It will be my favor match to see if Loretta Sanchez could keep all Vietnamese voters who was voting for her in the past or newly Vietnamese Democratic voters from campaigning with Phu Nguyen. 47th Congressional District primary election results Van Tran campaigned for Allan Mansoor who beat Long Pham in Republican primary 2010 for State Assembly District 68. Phu Nguyen won in Democratic primary elections 2010 by beating Joseph DoVinh. It will be interest race because Phu Nguyen will try to get all Vietnamese voters from Republican party in general election while Van Tran will try to ask Vietnamese voters to vote for Allan Mansoor. State Assembly District 68 – Districtwide Results DB Liên Bang và Ti?u Bang: Hai ?ng c? viên g?c Vi?t vào vòng trong Madison was forced on run-off election with Minh Duong if results are final. Thomas Nguyen is no match for Chuck Reed despite finish second place in city of San Jose mayor. Santa Clara County Election Results Jeff Rosen ???c nhi?u phi?u h?n Dolores Carr, Madison Nguy?n s? còn v?t v? Hugh Nguyen lost to his boss for County Clerk-Recorder seat. Cheri Pham got no opponent in the race for Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 39 Cuong Sinh Cao (REP) lost for Republican member of County Central Committee 69th Assembly District Janet Nguyen, Tyler Diep, Dina Nguyen, Andrew Do are behind the 6th place finish for Republican member of County Central Committee 68th Assembly District at the moment. Other related race to candidates endorse by 80-20 in California primary 2010. California Primary Election 2010 results California Attorney General Primary Election 2010 results Governor Primary Election 2010 results


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