This is a good sign to pass the torch or getting new bloods on board. Time is changing so fast in this primary election. Good lucks. ——————————————————————————— From : 80-20PACPresident Subject : Hiring an Executive Director. Pls Apply/Nominate. Date : Mon, Jun 14, 2010 02:00 PM Please forward this notice to potential applicants. 80-20 is looking for an Executive Director. The pay is up to $100K per year. Its current Acting Exec. Director, S. B. Woo, who is a volunteer and 80-20’s Founding President, aims to fade out. 80-20 plans to have 2 full time employees from then on. They will assist an elected President, who is a volunteer and the Spokes- person for 80-20. Suzanna Lin, M.D., will continue to be the Special Assistant to either the President or the Executive Director, depending on 80-20’s needs. 80-20 seeks a full-time Executive Director, with experience in elections, political campaigns, and civil rights struggles. A record of serving the Asian Am community in thankless jobs and multi-tasking is also important. The salary will be up to $100,000 per year. Some benefits are included. For those who are interested, please send your applications to The application should include a cover letter stating why one is interested in the job, how much one knows about 80-20, and a resume. Three References are welcome but not necessary until later. A very attractive part of the job is that the individual will work out of his/her own home, since 80-20 is a cyber space organization. The non- monetary, psychological compensation one derives from the job could be extremely rewarding. A person who has been a member of 80-20 for many years is preferred*. To know more about the job, see the Footnote below. Nomination is welcome. Please include the email address of the nominee. Pass the words please. S. B. Woo will serve as an advisor, during the critical transition period, for 1 to 2 more years. It is hoped that the transition will be completed shortly after the 2012 presidential election — every election being an ideal window for Asian Ams to secure their rights and advance their rightful interests. JOIN 80-20. Click on . Or send a check to 80-20 PAC, P.O. Box 603, Osprey, FL 34229. ? Place your e-address at the back of your check please. We need more new members & Life Members. Thank you. Sincerely, S. B. Woo, a volunteer, Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Footnote: The job requires absolute devotion. The welfare of the Asian American community and the political needs don’t wait for office hours. If a task requires attention, the Executive Director attends to it regardless whether it is in the evenings, weekends or during vacations in the USA or abroad. The hours could be long and the requirement for performance is extremely high. This position is NOT for anyone who just wants a job. Only individuals with the passion to serve the Asian Am. community and having a track record of successes in his/her earlier careers will need to apply. * Since such a person is likely more familiar with the substance and style of 80-20. Knowing an organization’s history and culture is important in building a future, even when that future could be significantly different from the past. For a short review of 80-20, click on . For 80-20 PAC’s website, click on . ]]>

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