World Cup 2010 is taking over everything in Vietnamese community or Hispanic community. There are a few articles about Van Tran, Madison Nguyen, Minh Duong, Phu Nguyen in the news. There are a lot of heat discussion or Vietnamese articles about the choice between Madison Nguyen and Minh Duong in Vietnamese forums or mailing lists. There are nothing better than watching the soccer matches in World Cup 2010. URL of English article and Vietnamese news articles. 06/13/10: Internal Affairs: Vietnamese candidates who tried to unseat Madison Nguyen won’t throw support behind runoff challenger Duong
06/14/10: B?u C? 2010: ?ng Viên G?c Vi?t Và Nh?ng Con Gi?c Cao
06/19/10: Db/tb Tr?n Thái V?n H?a Xin B? Nhi?m Th? Tr??ng G?c Vi?t
06/18/10: DB Tr?n Thái V?n h?p báo v? b?u c?

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