Well, I was able to finish up information on key runoff race in Mississippi and North Carolina. Vietnamese are living in cities of North Carolina and Biloxi. A Vietnamese TV crew in Virginia is down there to cover the oil spill effect to Vietnamese fishermen and community in Biloxi. It will be a good time to organize Vietnamese voters for upcoming general election because they have free time and anger to what happen to their family down there. Updated information will be upload on vietvoters.info Enclosed is some key race on primary run-off election in North Carolina and Mississippi

2010 Mississippi Primary Runoff Candidates

B?u C? S? B? Run-off 2010 – Primary Run-off Election on June 22, 2010

The polls will open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m (phòng phi?u m?? c?a t? 7 gi? sáng ??n 7 gi? t?i)

Member House of Representative Candidates of 2nd Congressional District.- ?ng c? viên Dân Bi?u ??a h?t/khu v??c 2

The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa

Richard Cook (A teacher – Th?y giáo)
Web site (trang nhà): Richard Cook for Congress
Bill Marcy (a retired Chicago Police Department employee – C?u c?nh sát Chicago)
Web site (trang nhà): Bill Marcy For Congress

2010 North Carolina Primary Runoff Candidates

Absentee Voting at One-Stop Sites

B?u C? S? B? Run-off 2010 – Primary Run-off Election on June 22, 2010

The polls will open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m. (phòng phi?u m?? c?a t? 6:30 gi? sáng ??n 7:30 gi? t?i)

US Senate Candidates – ?ng c? viên TNS

The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch?

Elaine Marshall (North Carolina Secretary of State – th? ký c?a ti?u bang North Carolina)
Web site (trang nhà): elainemarshall.com/
Cal Cunningham (former state senator – c?u Th??ng Ngh? S? ti?u bang)
Web site (trang nhà): www.calfornc.com/

NC Senate 21 Candidates – ?ng c? viên Th??ng Ngh? S? ti?u bang NC ??a h?t/khu v??c 21

The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch?

Eric L. Mansfield (DEM) Web site (trang nhà): Vote Mansfield – For NC State Senate District 21
Lula Crenshaw (DEM) Web site (trang nhà): Vote Lula Crenshaw for Fayetteville District 21

Member House of Representative Candidates- ?ng c? viên Dân Bi?u

The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa

US House ??a h?t/khu v??c 8
Tim D’Annunzio (GOP businessman)
Web site (trang nhà): Tim D’Annunzio for Congress
Harold Johnson (local sportscaster)
Web site (trang nhà): voteharoldjohnson.com
US House ??a h?t/khu v??c12 – Rep Greg Dority (security firm executive ) Web site (trang nhà): Greg Dority for Congress
Scott Cumbie (computer industry employee) Web site (trang nhà): Scott Cumbie
US House ??a h?t/khu v??c 13 – Rep William (Bill) Randall (U.S. Navy retiree – ) Web site (trang nhà): Randall for Congress
Bernie Reeves (Magazine publisher) Web site (trang nhà): Bernie Reeves for Congress

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