While seeing Phu Nguyen and Van Tran pictures at Vietnamese newspapers conference/meeting room with Vietnamese watching world cup games from online Vietnamese newspapers, there is nothing much to cover the election. Article by AP on The San Jose Mecury News about Republican party and Democratic party trying to target incumbents from other party in California. Base on what happens in South Carolina primary run-off election, North Carolina run-off election, and previous primary election in other states, these seats are suddenly not secure by incumbents or experience politician like previous U.S. election. District 3 : Rep. Dan Lungren (R) – Ami Bera (D) District 10: Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D) – Mike Berryhill (R) District 11: David Harmer (R) – Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) District 20: Rep. Jim Costa (D) – Andy Vidak (R) District 45: Steve Pougnet (D) – Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R) District 44: Ken Calvert (R) – Bill Hedrick (D) District 47: Van Tran (R) – Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D) URL of Vietnamese news article mention about Van Tran, Barabra Boxer, Carly Fiorina, and Meg Whitman. 06/18/10: DB Tr?n Thái V?n h?p báo v? b?u c? VietBao.com
Senator Race: Barbara Boxer (D) – Carly Fiorina (R) Governor Race: Meg Whitman (R) – Jerry Brown (D) 06/16/10: ??ng C?ng Hòa: ?? Ti?n Vào Cali Quy?t Giành Th?ng L?i VietBao.com
About Van Tran office’s own election poll from asking 1,310 voters, there is 34.05% will vote for him and 33.59% will vote for Rep. Loretta Sanchez. According to AP, he will need independent voters . 06/20/10: DBTB Tr?n Thái V?n g?p g? báo chí sau b?u c? s? b? Nguoi-Viet.com
Excerpt from AP: “However, Tran will also have to woo the Orange County district’s independent voters in order to overcome the 15-point Democratic registration advantage.”, from National bad mood puts Calif. incumbents at risk by AP

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