I forwarded this article for your reading on the holiday. Well, if the CA primary is happening on world cup period then the percentage of Asian American voters will be small or near to nil just like scoreless against a South America soccer team or Europe soccer team. In this year, you can’t be play maker or predict in Republican party or Democratic party. Chinese usually picked number 8 for lucky. American usually picked number 7 for lucky just like board of election of Montgomery county. Vietnamese usually picked number 9 for lucky. People are looking for pattern, statistics, favors but things are not in favor of incumbents this year. If you look for prediction of year 2010 from a lot of Chinese master in Feng Shui or Astrology. This is the year of politicians (up and down). Either you are playing or you will be left out in the dust. It’s just like the climate change so fast that it will be hardly to adjust. It’s just like if you are still playing with the old rules such as switching party, read my lip or lip service, i scratch your back then you scratch my back. If you are wanting “change” just like “Obama” then you need to work harder in this year on next window opportunity. You need to reorganize for next primary opportunity in other states or working hard until general election. Don’t expect of favor in the poll. Just like a soccer game. If the opponent team score a goal then you have to open your game or to expose your weakness. If you are not ready and still think that your team can come back (good luck in dreaming). ——————— From: 80-20PACPresident We LOST our chance to be kingmakers on the 6/8 primary in CA. Let’s make sure that we FIND it in the next CA primary. Kindly please read. [A] FAQ (1) Is it possible for the small % of Asian Am voters in Calif to become the political kingmakers in a CA primary? YES. Read on. (2) Assuming that it’s possible, what good will it do? We may then use that clout to induce CA’s governor to give us ironclad commitment to break the glass ceiling against Asian Ams. in CA. (3) Is there a glass ceiling over AsAms in CA’s state government? You be the judge. Keep these statistics in mind: Asian Am population in CA: 14% Asian students in Univ. of CA System: 40% Cabinet officers in CA Governor’s Administration: 0% (0/6) Regents in the UC system: 5.5% (1/18) Chancellors in the UC system: 20% (2/10) Presidents in the State Univ. system: 4.3% (1/23) Presidents in the Community College system: 1.8% (2/112) (4) What good will it do for the rest of us, who don’t reside in CA? When the CA state government breaks its glass ceiling against Asian Ams, will the other 49 state governments be far behind? Strategically, CA is the best state for us to target & crack the glass ceiling. [B] Strategically, how can we be kingmakers in the 2012 PRIMARY election in CA? Four favorable conditions converge in a CA primary: i) Asian Ams’ vote share is the largest in the state of CA: 7% ii) Only 1/4 of the voters will vote in a primary*. Hence, our 7% vote share could become 28%, if all of us vote in a primary. iii) A large number of candidates run for the same position in a PRIMARY. Hence, while the other voters split their votes among the many candidates, our bloc vote goes to the one candidate endorsed by 80-20. iv) Our voting share is actually 33%, owing to the recently passed Prop. 14 which allows Declines to vote. (See footnote for details about Prop 14.) The % of Asian Ams having registered as Declines is about twice that of the general population. Result? Most candidates endorsed by 80-20 in a CA primary will win. We will be known as kingmakers in CA primary elections. Candidates, regardless of party affiliation, will thereafter complete to win our endorse- ment. 80-20 will use this clout to get candidates to give ironclad commitments to use their political power, as Pres. Obama did, to make us EQUAL citizens.! That was how the Irish, Polish, Italians, blacks and Jewish won their equal citizenships as well. That simple? Yes, that simple! So register to vote. Ask to be a “permanent absentee voter,” and vote in the next PRIMARY. Join 80-20 to strengthen our GROUP political clout. Click on http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership/payment.asp . Or send a ? check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. Place your e-address at the back of your check please. Do YOUR share please! Respectfully, S. B. Woo, Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc. * 13.7 million Californians voted in the 2008 general election. Only 3.3 million voted in the June 8, 2010 CA primary, which is LESS than 1/4 of 13.7 million. Footnote: What is Proposition 14? Prop. 14 has eliminated PARTY primaries in CA. There is only one STATE primary, where Dem/Rep/Declines/Others may ALL vote. The two top vote getters, whether in the same party or not, will run against each other in the general election. “Declines” may vote in a state primary WITHOUT asking for a specific party ballot. This prop. doesn’t affect the presidential election.]]>

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