FYI, This is interesting strategy. ————- From : Hoan Dang To : Hoan Dang Subject : Help me from anywhere in the US! Date : Sat, Jul 10, 2010 09:39 PM [ Print ] Dear Friends and Supporters, Our phone banking campaign has now begun! This is a way you can help me from anywhere in the US. Please join me and others as we call voters in conjunction with our canvassing campaign to contact 3,000 voters each week. Please reply with the dates and times you are available to make phone calls and my Field Director will set you up with a virtual phone bank that just requires the internet. If you are fluent in another language, please include that information as well because we can make a special calling list focused for you. Help make phone calls, even if it’s just for one hour! We will also be setting up a series of Phone Banking Parties if you know of anyone in your area that would like to help you call District 19 voters. All you need to host a Phone Banking Party is people with cell phones. This election is about getting everyone involved and it starts with a call from volunteers like you! Thank you again for your support and I look forward to working together to reach out to all the voters of this multi-cultural community! – Hoan Dang


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