A Vietnamese from Washington D.C. metropolitan sent out this message with 4 attached files last week. I didn’t see them in Joseph Cao campaign website yet but I don’t include them in here. However, you can read 3 of them from these links. Flyer in Vietnamese http://hoathinhdon.net/news.php?day.20100719 Letter from Josep Cao in Vietnamese http://vietsphere.com/e107/news.php?day.20100718 SUY T? THÔNG TH??NG B? LUNG LAY TRONG LA-02: http://vietsphere.com/e107/news.php?day.20100719 ———————————— Kính th?a Quý ??ng h??ng, Quý Niên tr??ng và Chi?n h?u, Ông Cao Quang Ánh, là v? Dân bi?u Liên Bang ??u tiên ng??i M? g?c Vi?t. Là ni?m h?nh di?n c?a C?ng ??ng ng??i Vi?t Qu?c Gia t? n?n t?i Hoa K? trong th?i gian v?a qua. Th?m thoát nhi?m k? ??u tiên s? ch?m d?t trong vài tháng t?i ?ây. ?? n?í ti?p nh?ng công vi?c ?ang làm, Ông ?ã quy?t ??nh tái ?ng c? và Ông h?t s?c mong m?i ???c s? ?ng h?, h? tr? v? tinh th?n c?ng nh? v?t ch?t c?a C?ng ??ng Ng??i Vi?t trên toàn qu?c Hoa K?. Vào lúc 7 gi? chi?u, ngày Th? Sáu, 23 tháng 7, 2010, s? có m?t bu?i ti?c Gây Qu? v?i ph?n V?n Ngh? ph? di?n t?i: Nhà hàng FORTUNE 6249 Seven Corner Center Falls Church, VA 22044 Ông, Bà Dân bi?u Cao Quang Ánh r?t vui m?ng ???c ?ón ti?p Quý ??ng h??ng, Quý NT và CH… ( xin vui lòng xem attachments ?ính kèm ..….) S? hi?n di?n ?ông ??o cu? Quý V? là m?t vinh d? và là m?t món quà tinh th?n quý báu, dành cho Dân bi?u Cao Quang Ánh và Ban T? Ch?c. Trân tr?ng kính m?i. H?n g?p Quý v? trong bu?i ti?c Gây Qu?.. BMH Washington, D.C MRI PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release July 10, 2010 Dr. Verne Kennedy of Market Research Insight announced today that his firm completed a survey of 400 voters likely to participate in the upcoming Primary and General Elections in Louisiana’s Second Congressional District. The survey of 400 voters provides a survey error factor of 5.0% at a .95 level of confidence, meaning that if every voter in the Congressional District were interviewed, instead of this sample of 400, there is a 95% probability that results would be within 5% of those in this poll. Although African-American voter registration in the Second Congressional District is 61%, Kennedy said that an analysis of recent election trends, including the 2007 Election for Governor, 2008 Presidential Election, and 2010 Election for New Orleans Mayor and City Council, shows that African-American participation in the upcoming Congressional Election should not exceed 57%. In the recent Election for New Orleans Mayor and City Council, black participation was only 28% and white turnout was 44%. Voter makeup in the Second Congressional District is designed to provide a good opportunity for an ethnic minority to be elected to Congress. William Jefferson served as Congressman for the District until his defeat by Joseph Cao, who is a Vietnamese-American which is also an ethnic minority. Although some political observers have assumed that the Second Congressional District will elect another African-American in 2010, Kennedy said that survey results call that assumption into question. Furthermore, Kennedy said that Congressman Cao, based upon current survey results, has a good chance of re-election. The Congressman has name recognition of 94%, 54% holding a favorable opinion of him and only 9% holding an unfavorable opinion. White respondents were 69% “favorable” and only 9% “unfavorable”, but African-American respondents also showed a high favorable-to-unfavorable opinion ratio with 42% “favorable” and 9% “unfavorable” opinions. Among all potential candidates tested in this survey, Joseph Cao had the highest ratio of favorable-to-unfavorable opinion. For each voter holding an unfavorable opinion, 6 voters held a favorable opinion of the incumbent Congressman. The most likely opponent to incumbent Congressman Cao, Karen Carter Peterson, held a ratio of 2.6 favorable for each unfavorable voter. Cedric Richmond held a ratio of 1.9 favorable to each unfavorable voter. According to Kennedy, the best indicator of an incumbent’s potential for election is the basic re-elect question, which asked: “If the election for Congress was held today, would you want to see Joseph Cao re-elected to Congress or would you prefer someone else as your Congressman?” Results were 46% “re-elect”, 29% “prefer someone else”, and 26% “uncertain”. White voters responded 60% “re-elect” and African-Americans 36%. Even among African-American, only 36% said they preferred someone else compared to only 19% of white voters. Kennedy said: “In my experience using this question in over 1,000 campaigns nationwide, well-known incumbents like Joseph Cao receiving a re-elect response close to or over 50%, with far fewer voters saying they prefer someone else for that office, are usually re-elected.” Most voters in this survey, 61%, said they plan to vote in the Democratic Primary. Among African-Americans, 70% say they plan to vote in the Democratic Primary. In a Democratic Primary ballot question, the two top candidates were Cynthia Willard- Lewis at 20% and Karen Carter Peterson at 16%. With a 5% margin of error in the survey it cannot be definitely concluded that Cynthia Willard-Lewis, if a candidate for Congress, would lead Karen Carter Peterson. Cedric Richmond, another likely candidate, received 8%. Survey General Election ballot questions matched Joseph Cao against both Karen Carter Peterson and Cedric Richmond. Against Peterson, results were 49% Cao and 30% Peterson with 21% uncertain. African-American voters responded 38% Cao and 40% Peterson. White voters replied 64% Cao and 16% Peterson. When Joseph Cao was matched against Cedric Richmond, results were 51% Cao and 26% Richmond. African-Americans responded 39% Cao and 36% Richmond. White voters replied 67% Cao and 13% Richmond. In both General Election ballot questions, candidates were identified by his or her political party so respondents knew that Joseph Cao was a Republican and Karen Carter Peterson and Cedric Richmond were Democrats. END]]>

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