There are a lot of Vietnamese candidates’s fundraising activities last two weekends. The field of candidates for Westminster council are 10 at the moment: Tri Ta, Khoa Do, Andy Quach, Ha Mach, Ginger Waugh-Bordern, Helna Rutkowski, Penny Loomer, Al P. Krippner, and Joy L. Neugebauer. There are also Vietnamese candidates for the mayor of Westminster. The list of mayor of Westminster candidates are Hai Dai Duong (Peter Hai), Bich-Ty Dao, Bruce Tran, Al P. Krippner and Maggie L. Rice (incumbent). According to an article from, the race between Van Tran and Loretta Sanchez will decide by Vietnam. Vietnam key to Sanchez-Tran race Van Tran is still behind Loretta Sanchez in fundraising but he got an advantage that he speaks Vietnamese. However, Van Tran just got endorsement from Tea Party. Last one from 2 week ago, Michael Vo did fundraising to run for councilman of Fountain Valley. I updated the Vietnamese headlines of some Vietnamese articles from online at Have a nice weekend,]]>

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