August 10 is primary election of Connecticut, Colorado, and Minnesota. I updated the information of key races on for those 3 states. These 3 states information will be update with more information Primary Election 2010 (August 10, 2010 ) – B?u C? S? B? (10 tháng 8 n?m 2010) Colorado Poll are open from 7am to 7pm (phòng phi?u m?? c?a t? 7 gi? sáng ??n 7 gi? t?i) Governor Candidates – ?ng c? viên Th?ng ??c Republican candidates – ?ng c? viên ??ng C?ng Hòa Scott McInnis Web site (trang nhà): Scott McInnis for Governor Dan Maes Web site (trang nhà): Dan Maes for Colorado Governor in 2010 US Senate – Th??ng Ngh? S? Republican candidates – ?ng c? viên ??ng C?ng Hòa Ken Buck (West County District Attorney – ) Web site (trang nhà): Buck For Colorado Jane Norton(former Lieutenant Governor – c?u phó th?ng ??c) Web site (trang nhà): Jane Norton for US Senate The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Michael Bennet (incumbent – TNS) Web site (trang nhà): Michael Bennet – United States Senator for Colorado Andrew Romanoff (former state House Speaker – c?u House Speaker ti?u bang) Web site (trang nhà): Andrew Romanoff for Colorado Connecticut Poll are open from 6am to 8pm (phòng phi?u m?? c?a t? 6 gi? sáng ??n 8 gi? t?i) US Senate Candidates – ?ng c? viên TNS The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa Linda McMahon (The Republican Party – ??ng C?ng Hòa, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment ) Web site (trang nhà): Linda McMahon for Senate Rob Simmons (former Republican Rep. – c?u dân bi?u ??ng C?ng Hòa ) Web site (trang nhà): Rob Simmons for U.S. Senate The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch? Richard Blumenthat (The Democratic Party – ??ng Dân Ch?, State Attorney General – B? tr??ng t? pháp ti?u bang ) Web site (trang nhà): Richard Blumenthal for Senate Minnesota Governor Candidates – ?ng c? viên Th?ng ??c Democratic-Farmer-Labor – ??ng Dân Ch?-Nông Dân-Lao ?ô?ng Margaret Anderson Kelliher (House Speaker ) Web site (trang nhà): Margaret Anderson Kelliher for Governor Matt Entenza (former House minority leader ) Web site (trang nhà): Matt Entenza for Governor Mark Dayton (former U.S. senator – c?u TNS) Web site (trang nhà): Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota]]>

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