It’s probably August 21 in Sydney. August 21 is Federal election day in Australia. Cabramatta is largest concentration of Vietnamese in Sydney with Dai Le (Liberal candidate in March 2011). Highlight information with Vietnamese guide from Australian Electoral Commission. I updated information on this day in Federal Election 2010 (August 21, 2010 ) – B?u C? Chánh Ph? Liên Bang (21 tháng 8 n?m 2010) Poll are open from 8am to 6pm (phòng phi?u m?? c?a t? 8 gi? sáng ??n 6 gi? t?i) B?n H??ng d?n chính th?c b?u c? liên bang 2010 Telephone interpreter services: 1300 720 152 D?ch v? thông d?ch viên qua s? ?i?n tho?i : 1300 720 152 Election information in Vietnamese Launguage Tài li?u b?u c? ti?ng Vi?t]]>

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