FYI, Just for your reading on the weekend. It’s looking like candidates from Democratic party are in panic mode every wherer in California and other part of the nation. I didn’t write or post any article for a long time. However, web site is updated in all the news that is related to Vietnamese candidates/voters or Vietnamese article on U.S. election 2010. The pace of U.S. Election 2010 is really fast just like the weather condition this year. Andrian Fenty who is currently District of Columbia mayor lost badly in the Democratic party primary and was one of the earliest supporter for Barack Obama in election 2008. Another big prize on east coast near the White House is governor seat of Maryland. Maryland governor seat is currently holding by Democratic Martin O’Malley. Former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich is running on Republican ticket. Have a nice weekend. ———————————– TO: All Asian Ams who reside or have friends in California: Your want to know how Am. politics is really like? Read this article! Jerry Brown doesn’t have time to answer our questionnaire, but he has ?the time to call a Union officer and said, ” . . . give me a call . . I love to ?talk to you . . Call me back will you? This is really really important . . ?The race is tied. . . .” For the video tape that documents Brown and/or a staff calling Whitman ?a W-H-ORE after Brown thought that he has hung up the phone, go to a LA ?Times report (go to the middle of the page): . Why does Jerry Brown personally call a Union officer and say it was ?”really really important” to have a call-back but doesn’t have the time to ?answer a questionnaire asking for his commitment to help 6 million ?Asian Ams. in his state win equal citizenship? ?? It is because Brown believes that Asian Ams don’t have the WILL to ?fight it out with him? Is he right? ? ? 80-20 has appealed to you many times that to be effective in politics in ?America, we must play politics the American way. To witness for yourself ?how politics is played in America, go listen to the conversation in a ?youTUBE tape, AFTER the phone was thought hung up. “they’ll go to Whitman to make a deal, . . w-h-ore . . w-h-ore . . cut a ?secret deal . . she is a w-h-ore . . ” The truth is that both side cut deals. However, we, Asian Ams, have ?traditionally been cut out of the deal. 80-20 tells you the truth, and fights ?hard for you to be EQUAL citizens. Join us! No other Asian Am orgs. fights for YOU like the 80-20 ?Initiative. Go . Or send a check to ? 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. Write your e-address at ?the back of your check please. Forward this to friends. Thank you. Respectfully yours, S. B. Woo (a volunteer) ?Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc. PS Have you sent a fax to Brown? If not, send something like the ?following to 510 628-0909. If you don’t have a fax machine, go to ? . BTW, the Brown Rally in LA scheduled for ?today has been cancelled. See how our GROUP political clout works! ?Mike Eng may be the real hero behind the scene. 80-20 thanks him. “Dear Mr. Brown: Please seize this LAST chance to reply to 80-20 California Coalition’s ?questionnaire. Otherwise, I’ll be voting for Meg Whitman and ask ?my friends to do. You are beginning to offend me. Name: ?Title: ?Complete address: “]]>

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