I talked to a friend before primary election in Maryland who is working for Vietnamese media in Washington, D.C. about Orange County will be a hot spot for election 2010 in Vietnamese community because there is nothing to cover here except 1 Vietnamese candidate in Maryland. However, I didn’t expect all big names from both Democratic and Republican party went or will come to get Vietnamese voters in October. My top wish are two Vietnamese candidates in Orange County: Phu Nguyen and Van Tran. Bases on all the polls or Phu Nguyen’s campaign sent email out about his advantage in the poll, Phu Nguyen will be an easy victory in November election unless something strange happens such as hurricane, earthquake, or people won’t show up at the poll with the assumption that he will win anyway. Loretta Sanchez is suddenly finding herself in defend position but with big money chest won’t be easy to defeat Van Tran even Phu Nguyen’s helping her on register Vietnamese voters in Democrat party. Facing her Vietnamese remark on Univision spanish channel, no good news on her human rights cards, a Spanish independent candidate will stole some Spanish votes. Her voting record swith Obama with against Bush tax cut, etc will nail to the coffin of independent voters. Brown is probably in his own world of rely along on the union to ride on November election. Here is a message from 80-20 group to the Democrat in California if you can help TO: Asian Ams. Residing or Having Friends in California 80-20 is having discussions with the Whitman campaign. If you are a ?Democrat or a Decline, please call 408-400-3887 or send a fax 408-404- ?3826 with a message similar to the one below, within the next 12 hours. ?If 100 or more calls/faxes get into Whitman’s campaign in one day, we may ?have something positive to report to you, THANKS TO YOU! “Dear Ms. Whitman: I am a Democrat (or Decline), I’ll vote for you if you reach an ? agreement with the 80-20 Initiative, and it endorses you. I’ll also ask ? my relatives and friends to vote for you. Thank you. Signature: ? Name: ? Title (For identification purposes only): ? Complete Street Addresses: ” If you don’t have a fax machine, click on http://www.gotfreefax.com ?which allows you to send a free fax. Please be sure that you are either a ?Dem. or a Decline, because Whitman’s campaign may check it. If you can demonstrate to CA politicians that 80-20 has the broad based ?support to deliver a bloc vote for either of the two gubernatorial candidates, ?80-20 shall, one way or another, get the job done for YOU and YOUR ?children. Email me now saying “I’ve done it.” 🙂 🙂 THANK YOU. Best regards, S.B. Woo (a volunteer) ?Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.]]>

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