I forward this link so that you can forward to Vietnamese who could not read English or like to read in Vietnamese language. VVA RADIO Message 10/18/2010 – Election News – Interview Mr. Phan Ngoc Thach about Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, Texas http://voiceofvietnameseamericans.blogspot.com/2010/10/vva-radio-message-10182010-election.html Audio program of the radio. http://radiohaingoai.org/TuanNay/LapPhapCongDong.mp3 The interview was on Monday on the radio but it posted on Wednesday. However, this will give you a brief description of 12 hotest Congress races in the U.S. from politico in Vietnamese languages: District 2 in Alaska, District 5 in Arizona, District 22 in Florida, District 9 in Indiana, District 17 in Illinois, District 5 in Oregon, District 8 in Pennsylvania, At Large in South Dakota, and District 7 in Wisconsin. A brief talk about what’s on CSPAN last monday, local debate in Northern Virginia between Connolly and Keith Fimina, early voting period, absentee ballot in Vietnamese language. Have a nice weekend,]]>

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