Happy Halloween, It’s Treat or Trick season for candidates in U.S. general election. I forward Phu Nguyen’s message to you. Have a nice weekend,

Dear Friends, In just a few hours, I’ll be meeting with my Campaign Team in our War Room to discuss our plans for GOTV.  We’ll be planning our program, our walk plan and our phone plans.  We’ll be setting a course for victory on November 2nd-and it’s all because of your support. We’re a few thousand dollars short in our goal to purchase all the needed materials for our GOTV program. Will you click here to give any amount to help us continue to fund our Get Out the Vote Program? Yesterday my opponent received a two donations totally $75,000 dollars from the California Republican Party. He has steadily been receiving money from big oil, insurance companies and Wall Street corporations.   With my opponents hands deep in the pockets of big business your donation of any amount will help us head into Election Day with the resources we need to win. Here at the campaign office-the room is full of energy.  Our phones are full and are volunteers are hungry for a change away from politics and business as usual.  With your support today, we’ll be one step closer to delivering it on Election Day. Thanks for all you do-and all you’re going to do. PHU P.S–In an email message to his base today-he pleas with donors to help him raise an additional $40k dollars-with “mail ready to go” and given his 2 attack pieces on me today we can’t take anything for granted. Please help us cross the finish line by contributing today
Phu Nguyen www.votephu.com
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