It’s also Vietnamese American lost. I didn’t follow up on this race after forwarding the posting the first poll some time during the primary. I discussed with Vietnamese American around here about recent polls favor him in black community during Halloween party. I just said that is just like to assume about Bob Ehrlich or Republican party had good number in recent polls from deep blue Prince George’s county. If you are minus people from the polls sample or look at the population demographic in Joseph Cao district with the mood of the people in the area then the numbers didn’t add up. I did walk around a good neighborhood Prince George during Halloween night so that my kids could do tricks or treats. There are no campaign signs of Bob Ehrlich or Republican candidates. The kids get more candies within 3 walking streets corners of single houses within 1 hour. You can see that a lot of voters are sticking to their own party from this election. The one that moves from one party to another are the districts are getting hit with the worse numbers in economic . The independents are growing more in Maryland but they are not a big factor in Maryland governor race this year. ]]>

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