Here is a list of winners.Vietnamese ladies had more luck than Vietnames men. Some Vietnamese candidates are still waiting for counting absentee ballots. Madison Nguyen (City Council of San Jose, District 7, incumbent) Cindy Truong (Oklahoma County District Judge) Dina Nguyen (Garden Grove City Council, incumbent) Tri Ta (City Council of West Minster, incumbent) – Still waiting for absentee ballots and provisional ballots because Andy Quach is behind with a small margin. Lan Nguyen (Garden Grove Unified School Board,, incumbent) Michael Vo (City council of Fountain Valley) Hubert Vo (State Rep. of Distric 149 in Texas, incumbent) Andrew Nguyen (, incumbent) Tyler Diep (, incumbent) Chau Buu (, incumbent) Cam Van Lan Nguyen I’ll updated on below pages or you can read these by clicking on the headlines. Vietnamese headlines
English headlines

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