FYI, It’s better that you’re reading Van Tran’s statements because he explained about “stinky mailer” that some political analysts think it’s a reason of his lost. Yeah, I am in favor of Van Tran but I could not vote anyway and didn’t forward debates or arguments from Vietnamese forums because it will only point to below topic that I already pointed out in previous post about this race. One reason is probably Vietnamese American are voting for Loretta Sanchez because of giving her credits for human rights in Vietnam in the past but there are no good news but more Vietnamese are arrested in Vietnam when Hillary Clinton are visited. I didn’t report losers of Vietnamese candidates from this election yet because some Vietnamese candidates are insisted of waiting out on counting absentee ballots & provisional ballots such as this race and between Madison Nguyen and Minh Duong. Enclosed is URL of Vietnamese article in Vietnamese paper Nguoi Viet and English article The Orange County Register for your reading. DB V?n h?p báo h?u b?u c? Tran: ‘Uphill chance’ to defeat Rep. Sanchez]]>

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