FYI, I forward this message if you’re interested from beyond Vietnamese American interests or beyond interests of one political party in USA. Regards, ———————————————— History was made. CNN’s exit poll showed that Asian Ams in Nevada voted 80% to 20% in favor of Sen. Reid, achieving 80-20’s namesake! Thank you, Asian Ams in NV! Behind the scene, there is an interesting story. On Oct. 18, 80-20 received a request from a very high level Democratic official to help boost Sen. Reid’s campaign. At the time, practically all polls predicted that Reid would be defeated. Knowing that Sen. Reid, if victorious, would still be the Senate Majority Leader, 80-20 jumped in* to help. Result? Reid won! Asian Ams gave Sen. Reid the highest % support among all races helping to seal his victory. See CNN polls below. “US Senate, Nevada, 3796 respondents Vote by Race Harry Reid Sharren Angle Others White (72%) 41% 53% 6% African-Am (6%) 78% 11% 11% Latino (15%) 68% 30% 2% Asian (4%) 79% 19% 2% Others (3%) 52% 38% 10% ” See how the same AsAm voters gave the Democratic candidate for Governor in NV much lower % support, although blacks and Latinos voted pretty much in the same %s. This clearly indicates that Asian Ams responded strongly to 80-20’s urging. “Governor, Nevada, 3749 respondents Vote by Race Rory Reid Brian Sandoval Others White (72%) 32% 53% 6% African-Am (6%) 86% 10% 4% Latino (15%) 64% 33% 3% Asian (4%) 57% 40% 3% Others (3%) 39% 54% 7% ” Note that Sen. Reid enjoys a victory margin of 60 points, while the victory margin is only 17 points for his son, Dory. To verify the data, visit CNN exit poll site , click on “Senate Exit Polls” or “Governor Exit Polls”; then click on the state of Nevada. All Asian Ams win, when we either succeed in helping a friendly political leader, or in punishing an obstinate candidate who ignores us. Join 80-20. Membership dues of NEW members will be matched, thanks to a $3000 donation by Prof. Chenming Hu of Univ. of California, Berkeley. Using a credit card, go to . Using a check, send to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. Respectfully, S. B. Woo, a volunteer Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc. * 12 years ago 80-20 also took risks to jump in during our darkest political days — when both political parties competed to distance from AsAms, after the so called “Asia Gate.” Many AsAm orgs hid while 80- 20 announced its aim to organize the entire AsAm community into a political bloc for self protection. PS (1) 80-20 needs more email addresses of Asian Ams in NV. Pls help send e-addresses to me. (2) Soon, 80-20 will share with you the exit poll results in CA, and how 80-20 will be wiser and stronger from the experience of CA’s races.]]>

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