FYI, Here is 80-20 comments about CNN’s CA Exit Polls. Regards, —————————– In Nevada, Asian Ams delivered 80% bloc vote to Sen. Reid, the Senate majority leader. In CA, 80-20 lost a battle (Brown won & Whitman lost) while gaining strategic grounds. Strategically, 80-20 punishes any politician, D or R, who ignores Asian Ams’ rightful concern to be equal citizens. Brown courts unions. But he was too busy for AsAms. Are we too timid to get his attention? To counter Brown’s arrogance, 80-20 strategically stepped up and got into 1) a state-level race as it sooner or later must and 2) trying a SWING bloc vote, as it sooner or later must. Here are the CNN exit polls*. We again compare how AsAms voted in the governor’s race versus the US senate race, as we did in Sen. Reid’s case . “Governor, California, 3899 respondents Vote by Race Jerry Brown Meg Whitman Others White (62%) 46% 50% 4% African-Am (9%) 77% 21% 2% Latino (22%) 64% 30% 6% Asian (4%) 55% 38% 7% Others (3%) 55% 36% 9% ” “US Senate, California, 3796 respondents Vote by Race Barbara Boxer Carly Fiorina Others White (62%) 43% 52% 5% African-Am (9%) 80% 17% 3% Latino (22%) 65% 28% 7% Asian (5%) 59% 34% a87 7% Others (3%) 56% 36% 8% ” Note that 1 out of every 5 Asian Ams chose NOT TO VOTE in the governor’s race although they voted in the senate race. That caused the % of Asian Am voters in the governor’s race to be only 4% of the total votes as compared with the 5% AsAm share in the senate race. Such a difference in % is EXTREMELY unusual. It indicates that 1 out of 5 Asian voters agreed that Brown should be punished for ignoring our concerns, but they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Whitman. A fact that Brown should carefully note!! When the above voters (1 out of 5 or 20%) are combined with the 38% who did vote Whitman, it means more that half of AsAm voters were in favor of punishing Brown. Overall, Brown beat Whitman by 11 pts, while Boxer beat Fioriba by 9; hence Brown won the race by 2 more pts than Boxer. However, so far as Asian Am. votes are concerned, Brown’s winning margin is 8 pts less than that of Boxer. Shortly Before 80-20 endorsed Whitman, Asian Ams favored Brown by 65 to 7 according to a Rasmussen poll, the final drastic difference should alarm Gov. Brown. Will Brown now address Asian Am. concerns? If he does, 80-20’s California Coaltion may be please to work with him. Otherwise there is always the NEXT election. 80-20 may even shop for an opponent for Brown in a Democratic primary 3 years hence and a very tough Republican opponent for him 4 year from now. One way or another 80-20 shall fight for Asian Ams’ rights to be equal citizens, using each election as a precious window. Respectfully, S. B. Woo, a volunteer Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc., * Visit CNN’s exit poll site , ?click on “Governor Exit Polls” or “Senate Exit Polls”; then click on ?the state of CA. ]]>

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