FYI, Happy Tet/Lunar New Year to everyone. Year of the dragon is also the year of election 2012 in USA. According to the Chinese, life is good in the year of the dragon because Emperors or Kings are use dragon symbols. There are a lot of changes in the world last year. Prediction on end of the world is also in 2012. Light is always at the end of the tunnel. PS>Enclosed is the message of Voice of Vietnamese Americans on Voter Registration and Advocacy Campaign. Voice of Vietnamese Americans is working to help residents register to vote. This includes answering their questions about registration and about updating their address. The Virginia General Assembly is in session, and VVA is also mobilizing Virginia residents to communicate to their elected officials and to hold them accountable. Working in tandem with other statewide organizations under the “We Are Virginia” coalition, VVA is managing several phone banks and field operations in Fairfax County seven days a week. Voter registration drives will take place each weekend for the next four weeks. We had a successful and exciting campaign in October 2011 with over 15 campaign interns. During this first phase, we helped answer people’s voter registration questions. When we asked them what issue concerns them the most, nearly 50 percent of residents said they were most concerned about the jobs/economy situation in Virginia. Sixteen percent said they were most concerned about healthcare. VVA is maintaining relationships with residents to ensure they are updated with what’s going on in Richmond. VVA is still seeking energetic individuals to immediately join this second phase of our campaign. Tasks consist of knocking on doors as well as phone calling. The campaign operates seven days a week. Monday-Friday are phone calling days, and we meet at VVA’s office in Fairfax, Va. Saturday-Sunday are canvassing days, and we meet in the neighborhood in Lorton, Va. This is a nonpartisan advocacy campaign. Please call (703) 362-7873 or email if you are interested. The “We Are Virginia” coalition advocates making and protecting smart investments in Virginia. For more information on the coalition, visit here.


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