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  Every presidential election is a golden opportunity for us & our children to get a step closer to becoming equal citizens of the USA. How? Induce or squeeze each presidential candidate to help us achieve that goal in exchange for our support. 🙂 Pls. Explain! Stay “UNDECIDED” until we know which presidential candidate will help us more. We’ll help that candidate back with our BLOC vote. The closer the election, the more they’ll value our BLOC vote. An Example? In 2008, candidate Obama answered in writing with 6 “yeses” to 80-20’s 6 questions, and signed the questionnaire. Pls. see his 2008 answer to S. B. Woo: Were the promises of candidate Obama fulfilled? Mostly! What did Obama do regarding 80-20’s questions 4 to 6? The number of federal life-tenured Asian Am. judges more than doubled since Pres. Obama took office, with two in the higher Appeals Courts, as compared with none, before Pres. Obama came in. See What did Obama do regarding 80-20’s questions 1 to 3? The US Labor Department promised in writing to enforce a workplace protec- tion law (Exec. Order 11246) for Asian Ams together with all other minorities. In comparison, the Bush Administration under then Labor Sec. Elaine Chao, refused to do so. 80-20 has begun to see positive results in the enforcement of EO11246. However, we didn’t get the meeting with Pres. Obama to review results, as promised. What shall I do to be a part of this great strategy? Remain or become UNDECIDED until 80-20 PAC has endorsed a candidate after negotiating with both campaigns. This is where 80-20 PAC shines — getting the UNEQUIVOCAL promise from a candidate & supporting him greatly in the battleground states! [Note: 80-20 EF doesn’t endorse. It only provides political education.]   Please forward this email to ALL your Asian Am friends. Urge them to become UNDECIDED, especially when polled. Tell all AsAms that sweet words mean nothing after a candidate becomes the President! The promises have to be unequivocal, in writing, and signed. Even then Pres. Obama didn’t fulfill all of his written explicit promises. A lesson for ALL! Will 80-20 be able to get our children a step closer to becoming equal citizens in 2012? That depends on YOU! Your support is what counts. 80-20 is YOUR effective instrument. YOU need to use it.   Becoming UNDECIDED is easy to do, and it will yield huge benefits for our children!!! Reply to me with “I so pledge!” if you like. Many thanks. Your Devoted Servant, S.B. Woo, a volunteer President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation PS: 80-20 gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution of Mitchell & Priscilla Lou Charitable Fund, PA: $2,000


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