FYI, Here is a lot of pictures before Mitt Romney’s 2 sons campaign for Mitt Romney stop by Eden Center during Tet Trung Thu (Moon/Mid-Autumn Festival) in Northern Virginia.

Courtesy of Mrs. Phuong Le. I was left early with my friend to record an interview for Vietnamese Public Television at VFO office nearby. Here is some pictures of political campaign to get out the vote by Voice of Vietnamese Americans, Vietnamese Americans for Obama in Northern Virginia, Vietnamese Americans Coalition for Mitt Romney in Northern Virginia.

I took these pictures to show you the current political landscape in Northern Virginia.

Since I went back to cover Miss Vietnam DC Pageant 2012 @ Eden Center, I talked with others who were there to cover time when Mitt Romney’s 2 sons were there. Discussion about the news from the time and the information we got from early morning and try to figure out if Mitt Romney or somebody else were there and about the coverage, etc. SBTN and Vietnamese Public Television got the footages of the coverage.


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