FYI, This is a good sign that Vietnamese people participate to vote in USA. According to Su Nguyen (a Vietnamese language coordinator for the registrar of voters in San Diego County): “More than 10,000 Vietnamese voters have registered in the past year, nearly twice as many as were previously registered.” More Asian immigrants find ballots in their native tongue By Timothy Pratt New York Times

By the way, there are also several efforts to increase the number of Vietnamese voters from Vietnamese media like SBTN, Democracy group like Hung Ca with Vietnamese communities in battle ground states and cities across United States before the last day to register at their state. In northern Virginia, Vietnamese Americans for Obama and Vietnamese American Coalitions for Mitt Romney were trying to register new Vietnamese voters beside two other Vietnamese organizations that registerred Vietnamese voters at Vietnamese events every year. The Vietnamese Catholic churches are also entering late in the game but they could bring a lot of new Vietnamese voters in 2012 Election.


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