FYI, It’s strange that two candidates for 72nd Assembly District seat are not Vietnamese and from Republican party. They are using Vietnamese consultants, interpreters, Vietnamese radio, etc … to win the vote of Vietnamese. Pho is replacing Taco … Vietnamese restaurants are replacing Mexican restaurants in this year election … A little twist to the tale that Joe Dovinh is supporting a Republican candidate after losing in the primary for being a Democrate party candidate (enrolling by name a party like Joseph Cao ?)… Uh … what’s else did I miss … oh … hitting jackpot with ” human rights issues in Vietnam” on local state politic level? There is no Vietnamese candidate to win enough vote fill the 72nd Assembly District seat after Van Tran. It’s just like what I heard a Congressman said “No Cao …No House” … Now, it’s “No Tran … No Assembly” … what’s next? Excerpt from Orange County Register website. “Armed with interpreters, the non-Asian rivals for the 72nd Assembly District seat are hitting the streets to win Vietnamese votes.” Battle for Little Saigon: Winner could take all

Political Candidates Now Using Pho to Pander to Vietnamese Voters in Little Saigon


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