FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, November 8, 2012   CONTACT: Linh Hoang, 202-­‐641-­‐5249     We Won! Fairfax, Virginia-­‐-­‐On election night, sixty members of the Vietnamese Americans for Obama, Mid-­‐Atlanti Region (VAFO) joined thousands of Virginians to celebrate the sweeping victory of President Obama, Governor Tim Kaine to the U.S. Senate and the re-­‐election of James Moran and Gerry Connolly to the U.S. House of Representatives. As a contributing partner to the statewide grassroots effort that countered big money with door-­‐to-­‐door canvassing, VAFO played a pivotal role in combating lies with in-­‐language outreach and demystifying empty threats with clear records to help families achieving the American Dream.     In the last six months, VAFO members in the Mid-­‐Atlantic region created 110,000 digital impressions through social media, made 1,200 calls, held and participated in 47 community events, appeared 29 times in both regional and national Vietnamese American media, produced hundreds of campaign materials in language and was recognized as the most effective grassroots efforts in Virginia.    Keeping Virginia blue, which had been a conservative state for over 40 years until Obama swept the state in 2008, posed to be a huge challenge as ultra-­‐conservative American Crossroads, led by Karl Rove, pumped in millions of dollars of negative ads and outrageous lies about the President and Governor Tim Kaine.     With limited resources, VAFO had managed to turn the tide for President Obama with well-­‐targeted activities and one-­‐on-­‐one engagements. This showed that the Vietnamese American community is not a monolithic voting block. With over 14,000 votes in Virginia, Vietnamese Americans are proud to be part of this historic win and are excited about the future that we, as Virginians, will build together.     Theo Chang, the Virginia AAPI Vote Director said, “VAFO tackles various challenges with grace and creativity. You have had a strong presence in the community and are some of the President’s staunchest advocates.”     Toa Do, a member of VAFO National Leadership Council, added, “Our message to the community is simple. The President is a symbol of America as a land of opportunities for ALL and an inspiration for millions of young and second generation Vietnamese Americans who believe a better future is ahead of us.”     Last March, over 150,000 Vietnamese Americans signed a White House petition “We, the People” wanting the US to pressure communist Vietnam to respect human rights and democracy. Dr. Binh Nguyen, an internationally known human rights advocate commented, “the President’s strong record on human rights and support of democracy movement around the world have turned many strong conservative Vietnamese Americans into voting for him and other democratic members of congress in this election.”     Vietnamese Americans see the future of our nation not just in terms of economic prospects, but also in the values we represent and the opportunities that are available. That’s why so many Vietnamese Americans identified with President Obama’s commitment to creating jobs, protecting seniors, accessing affordable healthcare, and making sure that all Americans have a shot at a great education to prepare them for the future.  ###


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