Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của Angel Truong PRESS RELEASE: Angel Truong, candidate for Biloxi, Mississippi City Council Representative, introduces her vision and her goals Angel Truong is about innovation, motivations, and compassionate action. And she always has been. Her career path traced a continuing evolution to serve a broader spectrum of citizens: • Business owner in Biloxi, Miss. in her early 20s • Social Worker • Community volunteer for Girl Scouts, the Red Cross and the American Cancer Society • Founder of Asian Americans for Change • Communication Services • Disaster relief advocate for fishermen and other Gulf Coast disaster victims • Producer TV news in our nation’s capital • Paralegal work in law firm • Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce Ambassador • Christian minister and evangelist on the Gulf Coast Now her quest for broader horizons of service has moved into the realm of elected public office with the announcement of her candidacy for Biloxi, Miss. City Council Representative. “Biloxi is the welcoming city of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for visitors and new residents alike,” said Ms. Truong. “Together we will make this already fine place to live a crown jewel of quality environment, education, and opportunity.” Her goals as Councilwoman, said the candidate, are to • Rebuild Biloxi • Bring back displaced residents • Encourage old and new businesses • Address the overall needs of women and children, nutrition and education first “ I plan to be the leader who engages, educates and empowers all residents in our city to become better citizens and leaders themselves. Whether it be in their own household, in the workplace, in their place of worship, or in the broader community.” Among the many endorsements of Ms. Truong’s candidacy–local, state, and national—the pledge of support in a letter from Michael Cromartie Vice President of Ethics and Public Policy saids “Despite her young age, I saw her adjust to the stresses and high stakes of national politics which now give her vast experience well beyond her years. Added to this she has a keen intelligence, wisdom, and a compassionate worldview which will serve her well, no matter the circumstances. Is an endorsement of a young woman’s strong character and beliefs also a political endorsement?  Indeed it is.  For far too long these important virtues have been separated in our public and national life. Ms. Truong will bring energy, passion, and discernment to the task of the City Council.” “I Will Listen to Your Concerns. I Will Serve with Dedication. I Will Unite Our Community through Compassion.” Ms. Truong’s website for information and campaign contributions is Her email address is

Special Primary Election – Senate District 32 and Senate District 40]]>

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