Bilingual election officers still needed by Fairfax County for Vietnamese speakers / election officers. Election officers must attend a 2 hour training class, the last class is this Sat 11/2 and work the entire day of election day but get paid $175. To be eligible, you must be 18 years or older and registered to vote in Fairfax County. Please apply online at or contact the Fairfax County Registrar for more information. The problem language-need areas are for Vietnamese-speaking officials. Vietnamese: 4 of 10 precincts have 1 election officer; 2 have only 1 ½ day page Vacancy: 110, No. Springfield ( 4241 voters) Page assigned for PM shift Vacancy: 515, Westlawn (1600 voters) Page assigned for AM shift Vacancy: 519, Hummer (1882 voters) Vacancy: 525, Walnut Hill (3514 voters) Vacancy: 703, Ft. Buffalo (1593 voters) Vacancy: 717, Woodburn (2027 voters)


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