Cash Flows in Crowded District 4 City Council Race By The Fly January 14, 2015

Candidate’s Statements District 4 Manh Nguyen Journalist/Publisher For almost three decades, I have worked as a newspaper publisher, news producer and journalist. I have interviewed numerous government officials and leaders about the most important issues affecting our city. Through this process, I helped to provide the community with critical information and resources. Media has been my forum to advocate for programs and initiatives that better serve our community. I am well prepared to continue to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of San Jose as one of the nation’s best cities. If elected as District 4 Council Member, my priorities will include: 1) Fiscal accountability 2) Improved safety in our neighborhood 3) Restoration of basic city services 4) Creation of new jobs 5) Affordable housing 6) Repairing of city streets and improvement of the public transportation system 7) Expanded library hours, after school and youth programs I am a 30+ year resident of District 4 and raised three wonderful children in this community. District 4 is my home and I am deeply committed to its development. I respectfully ask for your vote.


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