Cash Flows in Crowded District 4 City Council Race By The Fly January 14, 2015

SOURCE: Candidate’s Statements District 4 Khoa Nguyen Governing Board Member, Berryessa Union School District As a lifelong resident and homeowner who was born and raised in the area, Khoa Nguyen seeks to improve the quality of life in his community by prioritizing education, public safety, and fiscal responsibility. Khoa seeks to accomplish these goals as he has over six years of experience as a police officer, and another six years of experience as an elected trustee with the Berryessa Union School District where he provides governance for the education of over 8,000 local students and for an annual budget of approximately $65,000,000. In addition, Khoa has also spent most of his life serving as a local community volunteer, and has worked as a financial analyst for both Lockheed Martin and Cisco Systems in North San Jose, where he also gained experience in managing annual budgets of approximately $500,000,000. Khoa is also a product of local schools where he graduated from the police academy at Evergreen Valley College, and earned both a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from San Jose State University. In addition, Khoa is also currently completing his Doctorate in Business Administration from Golden Gate University. Please vote for Khoa Nguyen to the San Jose City Council.


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