The latest Gravis Marketing Town Hall poll of 969 registered voters coming out of Iowa indicates that Walker is in the coveted first position for the Republican nomination in November.

(PRWEB) February 20, 2015

The latest Gravis poll of 969 registered voters coming out of Iowa indicates that Walker is in the coveted first position for the Republican nomination in November. What is disconcerting to Republicans everywhere is that the Hilary machine remains in the lead in a head to head battle for 2016.

The new poll released on February 17, 2015 shows that the entrance of newcomer Walker into the political arena has shaken things up. Just one short month ago, the GOP was asking “Walker who?” and deferring instead to a W. Mitt Romney sail with John E. “Jeb” Bush, Doug Kaplan, and Scott Walker being nothing but riders on his famous coattails with just 10% of the vote divided among them.

The recent poll was conducted using IVR phone software combined with registered voters lists. Gravis ,the most reliable political polling firms in the Florida area, boasts just a 4 percent margin of error.

Scott Walker has done something that no other Republican has been able to, and that is to capture the imagination of the Republican voter. Not a Washington insider, taking over Mitt Romney’s position, there are those who question his ability to stay on top. With many months ahead, and a road that has not yet even been paved, many are wondering if he is just the candidate of the month or someone on the rise.

What probably did not surprise those reading the poll is that 52% of those questioned disapproved of Obama’s job performance. With Republican-affiliated voters accounting for just 30% of those polled, that says a lot about the way the country is viewing the Commander and Chief.

What may shock voters is that both Jeb Bush and Rand Paul combined total only 10% of the Republican vote. For two high powered candidates, and Jeb being rumored to be the “game-changer”, it has many scratching their heads wondering if Bush can undue his family ties to win the nomination in the fall. With 15% of Republicans waiting on the sidelines to see where the tide is going to turn, there are many votes still up for grabs.

The other Republicans candidates who are in the running are Christopher Christie at 9 percent, Marco A. Rubio at 7 percent, Michael Huckabee at 7 percent, Richard Santorum at 6 percent, Benjamin Carson at 5 percent, Edward “Ted” Cruz at 4 percent and Carly Florin at 3 percent. But as any political analyst can attest to, the tide is always ripe for change.

With so much time left until things begin to solidify, and over twelve candidates to sift through, there are many who have not yet even made the decision to run. The Republicans are well aware that this is just a snapshot in time, albeit a fast and rapid paced time.

The real story behind this Gravis ( Poll lies not in what it says about who is going to take the Republican lead, but that whoever it is, is not overcoming the stardom of Hilary Clinton. Of all the candidates, none could overshadow the Democratic frontrunner, and the only one who has put her imaginary hat in for discussion, Clinton.

Many commentators and reporters alike have questioned where is Hilary? Seemingly taking a hiatus from the limelight, she is sitting back on her own merits letting the other candidates take their positions, put their opinions up for scrutiny, while she gathers her defense for the long battle ahead.

Without even having to make her presence known, Clinton is leading the frontrunner Walker by more than six percentage points. Perhaps what is may overtake the storyline is the huge differential between male and female voters when it comes to polarizing candidate Clinton. When you take a closer look at the polls, it seems that if Clinton and Walker went head to head
right now, men would favor Walker by an 18 percent lead.

What completes the picture is the differential in college educated voters where Walker is ahead by five percent of those polled. Not bad for a candidate who has been questioned by Democratic fave Howard Dean for his ability to lead the country due to his lack of educational merit.

If the race were held tomorrow, in a face-off with Clinton, she takes the lead over Bush by 6 percent, Paul by 5 percent and Huckabee by 5 percent. Christie is even further down the poll behind Hilary by ten percentage points.

2016 seems a far way away, but what this poll and many to come indicates, is that we are just beginning to scratch the surface to a race that is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal in American history.


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