Art Drew for President, campaign for the independent presidential candidate from Pennsylvania, has issued a statement denouncing Hillary Clinton and stating his belief that her 2016 presidential election campaign is dishonest.

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) June 05, 2015

In a written statement to voters (found at, independent presidential candidate Arthur “Art” Drew of Pennsylvania has denounced Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as dishonest and misleading.

“[Clinton] has been making headlines with her so-called ‘populist’ positions and policy statements – this is an aspect of Hillary Clinton that we have not seen before, but she seems to be staking out a firm position as an opponent of Wall Street.”

However, Mr. Drew goes on to argue, “Hillary Clinton has never been a populist. She is a wealthy former attorney with friends in high places who has received plenty of support from the wealthiest Americans, as well as from wealthy donors in other countries.” Mr. Drew is not alone in believing this – Fortune magazine recently argued that “Bankers may prefer a Republican in the White House, but Clinton would be the best choice to protect America’s economic interests.”

Drew believes that Clinton is cynically attempting to exploit Americans’ anger at income inequality and that she is stealing ideas from the platforms of independent candidates like himself. “Americans are fed up and furious with this state of affairs. My entire campaign is based around the concept that we need to get Americans back to work and earning better salaries again, and I have written many blog posts on the costs to our country of the last several decades of financial banditry from Wall Street and their crony politicians in Washington. And mine is not the only voice saying these things – Americans are angry and the [mainstream party] politicians can no longer afford to ignore us.”

Drew ends his statement with strong words about what he sees as the deception of Clinton’s campaign. “Hillary Clinton is dressing herself up as a populist because she knows that this is the message that America wants to hear. I, for one, do not believe that America will be fooled. She may end up receiving the Democratic nomination, and she may even become the President of the United States, but that will only be because Americans have been taught that they have no other options. Nobody believes that Hillary Clinton is a champion of the people.”

Drew would like to direct voters to his campaign website at where they can view his blog posts that demonstrate how Clinton and the other mainstream candidates are working for the elites of Wall Street.


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