So, we have a 32 vote difference. It doesn’t appear to be insurmountable. But regardless of the outcome of the impending recount, I needed to express my thoughts on this long journey. I wanted to congratulate both Jeff Everhart and Shannon Dillon for their hard work and courage in running their campaigns. One truly doesn’t understand the “grind” until you become a candidate and I have the utmost respect for my competitors who also put their lives on hold to participate in our political process. While the outcome of last night’s primary may not have been what we had hoped for, I am truly honored and humbled to have received the support from those throughout our community and their belief in my ability to serve our community in Henrico county. The outcome of tonight’s primary does not overshadow a lifelong commitment to ensuring the security and safety of others, nor does it overshadow my continued commitment to our community in general. I entered into my first contest with my eyes wide open. Unsure of what to expect. I only wanted to provide an example to our children and to inspire our community. The message was simple, it mattered not from where you came, it only mattered whether you followed your heart and believed in the impossible. Regardless of the final outcome. I will still believe that only in this great nation could a child born into war, could become a citizen and one day run for political office. We devoted countless hours, days and months to a well planned, well executed and POSITIVE campaign. However, it was not the hours invested which was the reward in the end. It was meeting THOUSANDS of Henrico residents who come from all walks of life which was a true reward. Expanding one’s capacity to meet and relate to folks who want the same things you want (safe schools, safe communities), but come from different backgrounds was God’s gift to me during this wonderful journey. To my supporters and countless volunteers who believed in me (the Phamily), I cannot express in words the deep appreciation and thanks for your countless hours devoted. Thousands of doors knocked, calls made, letters folded and listening to me whine a bit about how my feet hurt. There were moments when I was unsure if I could continue or wanted to continue because I doubted in myself. Yet you all were there to pick me up, dust me off and set me back on the path. Thank you for reminding me that this journey was not just about me, it was about being that EXAMPLE to our community and to our children. I hope I have made each of you proud of the positive and spirited campaign we ran. I hope I did not disappoint by fighting the good fight and leaving it on the field. To my wife and children. I have put on hold, my duties as a father and husband for a bit too long chasing a dream. I am looking forward to getting back to homework, swim meets and football. I look forward to catching up and working towards giving my wife a life of happiness which I promised her 14 years ago. We have a 32 vote margin. One of the closest in Henrico’s history. The process will resolve itself soon enough. While the numbers may change, my message of gratitude will not . . . thank you.

SOURCE: Department of Election in Virginia




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